Hello, I’m YYZ and this is my developer’s site. I love developing cool games and ideas.

Here, you can read behind the scenes of how I develop my games, and how art, programming, design and sounds are used to create one. I’m constantly learning and hope to get better in time!

If you want to see my games, go to https://yyz291.wixsite.com/yeoyingzhi

2 thoughts on “About

  1. David Cash May 27, 2017 / 5:06 am

    Dude… You need to teach! I would love to learn how to make games with you. I’ve been programming for years with unity (Never published a game, never had an artist to work with). All I can do is simply gameplay stuff; creating character controllers, simple AI programming, UI programming, custom physics. It would be nice to be able to watch you and follow along as you go through the process of making a game in unity.

    Can you share some of the tools/websites/video tutorials/etc that helped you to become a game developer.

    Bravo on Enchanted Heroes, I love this f***ing game.


  2. this is name October 19, 2021 / 3:27 am

    Hi its me again, if I found an exploit/bug for enchanted heros where would I put it?


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