Touching up the Thorny Forest levels

It has been a rather great day. Although I was excited to open up new portals and begin creating new levels, I decided to revisit my previous levels and touch some of the levels up before working on new levels. I think that however excited I may be to make new levels, it is more important to make sure the levels I already have are good enough.

I’ve just finished levels 22 and 23, and I have added text for many of the previous levels which were without text. The text is a very important part of the game because it gives each level a certain meaning and purpose. Without the text, it would have little difference to other platformer games.
I’ve also revamped level 9. I like the new level 9 because of one special platform that I just coded today. It’s actually simpler to code it than I thought, and thankfully the only problem I faced was drawing it on the screen (I always tend to have problems drawing things on the screen).
It’s a falling platform! I think I drew this pretty well and the animation is really neat at a smooth 9 frames per second ^^. I really enjoy drawing the sprites a lot, especially when they are animated. But I don’t like drawing characters. The characters being turtles make it slightly easier for me though. This is a special rock that will fall apart when the character steps on it. I will make sure that this also occurs when enemies step on it soon. This new platform type opens new ideas for me for future levels. I accidentally set the rock to continue animating even though it is already destroyed, which is kind of funny because the rock seems to revive itself after it is gone. It’s no longer happening now of course, but it makes me wonder if they should revive after a certain amount of time. Oh! I’ve also upgraded the level selection screen. 

Notice the elevators? I was looking at the folder where all the images are stored and noticed the elevator door was just too plain. I made it look fancier and not only that! The elevator will now light up depending on which floor you are at. Surprisingly, I did not face another drawing problem. I know it’s not that realistic yet, because the doors aren’t animating (they do not open / close), but maybe in the future if it’s not too difficult, I will see if it is possible to add animations, though I’m actually not intending to do that at all now.


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