Level Editor created!


Today, as I was working on levels, I thought about whether the game should have a level editor. I wanted to say “no” because it is simply too difficult to throw in a level editor, not especially after I’ve been adding lots of stuff such as keys and doors recently. Well, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

The coding process did not turn up as well as expected, but I made it and I was completely amazed that I was actually able to code out a simple level editor. At the moment, the level cannot be be saved or played yet, but it looks like it is actually possible to add the player(s) and design the platforms themselves, which is quite ‘wow’ already to me.

This is a screenshot of the level editor I designed. I do not use any form of level editor to design my levels because as I said before, I sketch the ideas on paper before actually implementing them, but it may seem that I may actually use my level editor to generate ideas. There is also a “help” button at the bottom right which I added. It brings up a popup with instructions. The level editor is currently too simplistic for me to use as an actual level generator because it does not have keys and other sort of stuff, but I was playing around with the level editor and did come up with some neat ideas for subsequent levels.

This is an idea which I may actually use. I was trying to actually create a proper level, but I did not have a “Delete tiles” button like in the screenshot before this one and ended up creating splaces that are completely inaccessible by the player…unless, I added doors! And then I had this idea of a possible level where there are several small rooms (like above) and plenty of doors that act like a maze of rooms. I think I may actually add this level in!

That concludes the level editor for now. Also, I have just bought Photoshop ^^
I am going to make my sprites transparent soon and maybe learn to use it to design better graphics because currently all my graphics are done in Paint. I might still continue to use paint though, to keep the art style standardized until I can learn how to use Photoshop effectively enough to produce something better.


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