Adding the Character Graphics

This will be just about the last day I will be seeing those boxes on all my levels. I have updated the character graphics, as well as the enemy graphics. There are two more character sprites that are currently not done yet. But I feel happy that I’ve completed the main character and enemy graphics! It’s a step forward for me, though it is indeed quite late to add graphics. Most games settle their graphics first, yet I’ve only just added one of the most important game graphics nearly two weeks after I made the game. Haha. This is how the new sprites look like. I created the player sprites some time ago and the player animates at 4 to 8 frames per seconds. I have just created the enemy sprites just a few minutes ago. There are a total of 38! frames. I am extremely happy with the sprites and I run the sprites at 9 frames per second, which is my threshold, and also  the requirement I deem to make the sprites play smoothly.

These are the animations for the enemies in the game:
                                                addAnimation(“idle”, arrayOfFrames, 9, true);
addAnimation(“run”, arrayOfFrames, 9, true);
addAnimation(“runFaster”, arrayOfFrames, 18, true);
I have a “runFaster” which I have newly created. If the player stays near the enemies for too long, they will get angry and run at double speed (and double fps). This is a new feature that is quite late to implement, and I hope it does not mess up any of the levels. I set the timer to 10 seconds, and resets when they stop chasing the player.
That’s it for the enemy graphics 🙂
Note: This post was actually written earlier. I actually completed the graphics about 3 days ago, but realised I accidentally “saved” the post, instead of “publishing” it. That’s why I only managed to publish the post now.


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