Second Game in Progress?

Monday, 3 September 2012, 5.05AM

I have school in 3 hours’ time. But here I am awake, yet to have my sleep. Why?

I’ve just begun on a new project that I created on Saturday! It’s called “SWTD” and is a tower defense game. This game is the reason why I wanted to learn how to develop games. Unfortunately, this is a rather large-scaled project and for me to attempt to try to build it on my own without a development team or friends is really hard.

It has been a long time since I returned to coding with AS3 again. I had slight issues recalling how to create my first project and how to set it up as well as creating the first main menu screen, but after an hour or so coding the first screen, the rest just came naturally. I also drew LOTS of stuff with photoshop. Planets, space scenes, buttons and GUI. I am still rather new to photoshop and my friend praised me, saying that I managed to do this much in two days. He also said that my art skill has increased since the last time when I worked on “Introvert”. I was really happy to hear that!

I really don’t think this is a game I can eventually release, but I have been extremely stressed and depressed lately, and had the motivation and urge to attempt to create something apart from “Introvert”, and so, “SWTD” was born.

I have managed to get quite a lot into the game in just two days.

On Saturday, I drew an awesome main menu screen as well as several projects. I also got several screens up, including the: Level Selection Screen, as well as a Skill Tree Screen.

I also added 4 skills in the skill tree screen and they can be purchased and upgraded. They work fine. Saturday is a mad day because I was crazy enough to sleep at 7am (and woke up at 3pm the next day).

On Sunday, I managed to create a scrolling transition effect for the level select screen. It looks like as though there is a camera and the player can “explore” this galaxy.

I also created much of the interface on these two days and I am highly impressed with the UI and buttons I have created thus far. I wanted this futuristic feeling and I am sure that I have managed to deliver it.

While I am all excited about this TD project, “Introvert” is still my main project as that is the game that I am very sure is completable. This TD on the other hand, will most likely just be a project I will work on when I feel like it since it is highly impossible to be something able to be released with just me working on it.

Some problems I faced were trying to scout for a futuristic font, as well as a bug with the transition which causes the transition to jitter if the player taps the arrow keys too quickly. This has been partially solved though.

I am currently facing a huge problem with my code design. Because of the scale of this game, I need to sit down and properly think of how to code the game, where to place the files and such and how to link them.

I have a Hero, an Inventory, a BlueprintsManager, and Turrets themself, and Turrets can branch out into different classes such as “Ice”, “Splash” and “Dual Shooting”. It is really complicated that I can’t just jump in and begin coding immediately. I did not really expect to get hindered so much by design.

It is now 5.24am and I am done with this post. I should begin to shut down my projects and tabs and begin to sleep.


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