Achievement Screen BG

Tuesday, 2 October 2012 – Achievement Screen BG

Today, I completed the achievement screen backgrounds. Yep, backgrounds! I have several backgrounds for the achievement screen, mainly composed of one main background with different “variations” of it.

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED and HAPPY to have implemented this. I had been drawing intensively for the past hours and just managed to code something awesome for the background! This is totally something extra to the game.

First, I enter the achievements room.

 I have to push the box into that empty slot on the right. After I do so, the platforms all light up as the circuit is complete. In the background, window lights switch on some of the buildings.

I begin to collect the yellow square that drop from the ceiling. (They are placeholder for “friends” in the game). As I collect more, more lights start to appear.

There are more frames in between, but for the finale, a moon shows and lights up the entire city in the background! As an added detail, notice that the window frames also capture a gleam of the moonlight and have some yellow light on them too!
This is the entire background by itself without the blockage from the tiles. 
It is a pity I can’t see the floor. I am wondering if I should get rid of the platforms altogether and make the turtle character “walk” on that background’s floor instead. It would seem cool, but having a bit of 3D appearance for this particular stage means that it’s not going to be consistent with the rest of the game. I feel it’s not a good approach so I will leave it as it is.
I really love the achievements room now! I can’t wait to show it to someone badly!
One problem arises though…

Previously, I wanted the background to be a solid grey. It would be a wall and there would be achievements hung on the wall if the player earns them. Toward the end of the game, the wall would be beautified with achievements and not be so plain anymore.
But now, the “wall” has been replaced with four window panes! I might have to squeeze all the achievements below on the two grids of tiles. It’s going to look very compact and I don’t like it.
For now, I will slightly alter the achievements screen. (Well initially there wasn’t supposed to be an interactive achievements screen with the element of pushing of boxes, collecting stuff in this room and watching the background change). I have signboards that represent achievements on the floor. Each signboard represents an achievement earned. The player can walk over those signs and doing so will trigger the achievement image, description and reward to appear at the bottom. It’s sort of like a popup over the tiles. I think this is the best solution for now. The problem comes when all the walkable areas are filled with achievement signboards. The popups will keep popping up even though the player is just intending to walk past without triggering the popups.
I will think about it as I sleep or something. The situation isn’t that bad. In fact, I’m glad that the achievement screen has evolved to the way it is now. It is unique and I really love it!
This idea was inspired when I was turning on and off the layers in the picture, and this idea just struck me. This is one scenario where the coding is actually easier than the actual drawing. Phew!
What I have completed today:
Another day has passed…today I have managed to complete:
Wonderful achievements background and interaction triggering events there
– Gallery feature and related graphics (locked item, navigating buttons)
– Colour variation of portals
– Redrew and enhanced the Main Menu buttons
– Fixed issues caused by lack of transparency in level selection stage
– Some platform decorations (mainly rocks)


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