More Achievements

Achievement Logos, Graphics
I drew new achievement logos today. I also added more achievements to the game and implemented the achievement logos into the game.

I also added a new glowing portal to the basement level, updated the friend graphics of the basement level (initially yellow squares), added the respective signboards for the achievements. I also created a new “level” accessible through the basement.

I went to redo a new achievement panel as popup, but I am uncertain of whether I am going to use it.

I spent a lot of today making the achievements and the achievements screen (the basement) work and functional. I also added new achievements to the game. There are a total of 6 achievements now.

Today, I generated three pretty crazy ideas. I don’t know if I can integrate them into the game in time, but here are the ideas.

There will be a “secret level” in the level selection stage that can be accessible by looting a key that is in an enclosed area that seems unaccessible. However, this area can be accessed by another room. The secret level will be a very HUGE puzzle level with every element in the game – doors, keys, blocks, friends, enemies, growing. Basically it’s the biggest ultimate level. The reward for completing this level will be the ability to pick up and throw rocks!

This feature will enhance the replayability factor of the game. The player can throw rocks which will kill enemies and destroy spikes! I find this a very cool addition. I did a bit of coding for the rocks (initially shooting bullets, but a gun is unethical). It is not fully functional.

I started decorating the levels. This is so fun that it kept me awake for about another hour before I finally decided to start finishing my work to end the day.

Other Minor Additions
I went to tweak one of the starting levels. I realised that there was a chance that the player would get “stuck” in this level with nothing to do if they didn’t follow the path (eg the player tries to be funny and intentionally avoids collecting friends to complete the level). I tweaked the level so there is a 0% chance to fail the level.

This is bad. The achievement pop ups I drew don’t seem to fit well in the game. And their size, though okay to me, is said to be too big in the game. For something that only appears 3-4 seconds, it is giving me such huge problems. I don’t know how to rectify this.

The tiles have been a problem from the start too. They aren’t good enough. But I have no idea how to improve them.


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