Making an Idle Game

5 days ago, I downloaded a very powerful and well-known game engine called ‘Unity’. After 2 years of working with Flixel, FlashDevelop and Flash to make flash games, I realised that there is a limit to the things I can do with Flixel, and also it wasn’t very robust. It had flaws that meant that using it to create games in the long run would limit how well I can develop games.

So I decided to try learning Unity. It uses C# as opposed to ActionScript, but the challenge is how different Unity is. It’s so….interface-ish. I am very used to just looking at a full page of code and prefer having a main game state that controls everything. But Unity is very different. It is very visual, which is of course good but something I’m not used to yet. It is pretty complex too, with panels everywhere. I decided to learn how to make a simple game. I started a project and called it “MyFirstIdle”.

Unity is very different from Flash. It was really challenging getting things to work. I was looking at tutorials and I know how much faster I can accomplish all these tasks with Flash which I am familiar with, but I tell myself that I can’t turn back now. In just under two days, I managed to create my first very simple idle game.


Then I decided to train myself by making a side shooter game. I only went through 20% of the full tutorial, but I just wanted to learn how Unity works. I needed to learn how scripts interact with each other to make an ‘enemy’ fire a bullet to damage a player.


Then finally, I decided to start the actual game I set out to make with Unity.


The moment I no longer had an exact tutorial to rely on, it was REALLY difficult. I couldn’t wrap my head around certain concepts, but the moment I got the ‘player combat’ to work, it was exhilerating! (1)

An animated gif! Yay!

I was excited and I screamed in caps lock to my friend when I saw the player’s health decreasing as the enemy attacks him and vice versa. The character and enemy automatically attack each other and for now the only main thing you can do is upgrade your sword to do more damage. Though I am new to Unity, I am impressed by some of its features.

Another animated gif! 

Although Unity started out as a 3D engine, it incorporated some tools for 2D game creation.

That’s all for now!


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