Blocks and Keys!

Today, I got around to somewhat completing the key sprites and implemented the block opening sprites, both of which are now animated at 9 frames per second, which I think is the threshold for me and it also seems that 9 frames per second is something I should aim for since it seems to look rather smooth. I initially wanted the key to just hover up and down because that was easier, but then it meant that I had to change the sprite from 32 x 16 to 32 x 32. So I just stuck with this and did rotation, which is actually quite fun, and it also makes the key look a bit more 3D.

I had a problem with the blocks not disappearing after it was done opening but now it’s solved. I had to check if the animation was finished in update, then destroy the door. I also encountered a problem where if the character holds down the LEFT arrow key and bangs against a wall of doors, he will not be able to jump all the way up as though something were above him. This is a very irritating problem I face sometimes. I added a “repulsion” effect that will repel the player away from the blocks. The repulsion was weak at first and this made the player jitter (vibrate along the edge of the wall), but I made it stronger so he will actually rebound away when he bangs against the blocks. I don’t really like the rebound, but I think it looks better than having the character jitter.

Notice all my pictures never have a white background – that’s because I don’t have photoshop or any transparent tool >< which I hope to get soon so I can finally make all my sprites have a transparent background. Now I'm just making multiple versions with different background colours if I need them.

I am creating levels 30 and 31 today, and also hopefully within these two days, I will get to adding the actual turtle character, get its animations to work and make sure there are no bugs with the character. Now, my character is a a solid red rod!


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