More Graphics Improvements & Revamps

10 October 2012 – More Graphics Improvements & Revamps

Decorations restarted
I took a look at some of my decorations and utterly feel like redo-ing them. They don’t look up to standard sadly. I am back to square one, and am considering not to use bitmap graphics. But doing that means I have to redo all my current tiles and platforms, something which I tried to do a few days ago, but had no luck with.

So today I started by redrawing the trees, but I have not updated the levels with the new decorations.

Elevator Doors Improved
I also improved the elevator doors. Having revamped the portals a week ago, the old elevator doors needed to be improved to match up to the increased quality of the revamped portal graphics. I also added a tiny buttons panel next to the elevator doors just for additional details.

The game has undergone quite a lot of graphical changes. I remember the old portals used to be circular.

I will also create an animation for the elevator doors to slide open and close when the character uses them. This is a bit tricky to do since it takes time for the elevator doors to open, but there is no delay for the player to use the elevator. So the doors have to open really fast or else it will look like the player is entering an elevator with closed doors.

Edit: I have now done the opening and closing animations and they are somewhat functional with a bug that I am trying to resolve. The bug is that the elevator doors repeatedly loop and play the “open” animation whenever I’m standing on it. It’s supposed to open once and stay open while I am standing on its area. I remember encountering this bug when I first created the brown doors in the levels.

Bonus Areas
I added a bonus area in the game. It’s a secret area that can be accessed through the basement and has a certain requirement to enter. The secret area can only be accessed once though. This secret passageway links the level selection lobby and the basement together. I added a key and some blocks to the level selection area as well. Oh, there is also a dimensional portal in the new Level Selection lobby as well! It is a very interesting portal.


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