Turtle Animations Renewed

11 October 2012 – Turtle Animations Renewed

Renewed Turtle Animation
With the recent zoom feature, I realised it was very easy to zoom in onto the turtle and see it larger. So I decided to work on improving the animation frames further. Other than the walking animation that needed improvement, the rest seemed fine, so I just redrew the walking frames. I also improved the idle frames slightly, altering a few pixels that seemed out of place. This change was done across the 10×20 px and 16×32 px version of the turtle, so both walk animations look very great now. They also play at 9 frames per second compared to the old 4 frames per second, so it looks fantastic now.

I also added a new bonus animation that plays only on certain levels. This bonus animation has many frames (and lasts a little longer than the other animations), so it has to be quite unique. It’s sort of like an extended idle animation that “replaces” the old idle animation. This is used for later levels, if I do get a chance to add them.

Zoom and UI Fix Progress?
The biggest problem I face now would probably be getting the UI to show up on the screen and not move with the camera. I’ve been working on that today with no promising results.

Difficulty Modes
I started implementing difficulty modes today, along with the buttons to select them. The difficulty modes are also “saved” so it will stay on the difficulty the game was last set as even after entering, and leaving the levels. For now, the difficulty modes are at the bottom.

The level selection lobby does look quite squeezy now with the recent additions. I might really have to create  a camera for the lobby and extend the level more than 480 pixels in height. That’s something I’ve not done yet, and I’ll have to figure out how if I intend to add more stuff here.

Lastly, I also added slopes (platforms) into the game. The levels are made up entirely of tiles. I just created a new test level to test the new slope that I’m adding into the game. But I am going to make the test level an actual bonus level.


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