Blend Modes?

13 October 2012 – Blend Modes?

I added some stuff over the past two days, namely the addition of blending modes and an attempt at dynamic lighting.

Normal Mode (with Rays of sunshine)

Overlay Mode (Sun behind clouds)

I added some sun beams that are on the front most layer. I have three layers in the game now.

The top layer being sunbeams and some decorations that pop out of the platforms.
The second layer being the layer with all the platforms and most ordinary decorations and props.
The background layer which consists of the background. Flixel, the engine used, has something called scrollFactor which I found to be very incredible. I set the background’s scrollFactor to 0.5 so the background moves with the character, but at a slower rate. Previously, the background was just stuck there as a static, immovable picture. Now it has a cool scrolling effect that makes the game look like it has depth.

Unfortunately, I think the overlay mode needs tweaking since it does not seem to look very fantastic. If I can’t get it work, it might have to be removed. I added an invert mode for fun. Might add it to the final version as an additional achievement reward.

Invert Mode


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