Just A Short Story

Monday, 31 December 2012

It has been an awfully long time since I last posted something, much longer than I wanted to.

I am not working full-time on the game for now because I’m not on holiday yet. But I did create a cutscene level for the game and set each level to start with a specific zoom. I also made hover-pop ups that appear when you move your cursor over the difficulty level buttons. For example, hovering over the “easy” button shows what the easy difficulty does. Basically, I did simple stuff.

That’s all I did for the game for the past weeks.

I created a .gif animation in the past two days for leisure. I called it “Just A Short Story”. And even though the animation is just a short story, it actually has a lot of meaning in it.

This is the animation I created. It is one of my early gif animations. I hope to learn tweening to be able to do smoother movement transitions. It was done frame by frame and pieced together.

Just A Short Story – It may just be a short animation, but it tells a meaningful hidden story.
Unfortunately, uploading the huge version of this caused some problems. I compressed it to a much smaller size and it displays fine now.
For those interested in the story of the animation, it goes like this:
There lived an independent turtle. But he was sad.
One day, another turtle came up to him and offered to be his friend.
The two of them played together.
They chased each other.
They ate together.
And had fun together.
But the turtle’s friend decided to be with his own friends, and left him.
The box represents the memories and times they had together.
The box is closed and locked because the only person who can unlock and open the box is his friend. He had grown dependent on his friend for happiness that only his friend holds the key to unlocking the box.
But in reality, he knows that the memories can never be relived. No matter how much he misses those memories (he hugs the box), he knows it is impossible to go back to those happy times.
He expected the friendship to last longer, but it turned out to be just a short story. End.
The animation consists of 6 main story boards, but I animated them much more than I expected to, with the fancy title appearing one letter at a time. (I manually type one letter at a time and save it as one frame, then type the letter, then save it as another frame). Tedious, ain’t it? I considered coding it in Flash, or even better, start actually learning to use Adobe Flash Professional, but decided against them.

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