Long time no see

15 March 2013 – Long time no see

It has been a very long time since I could get time to progress on my game. Progress had been stopped for nearly half a year. Been extremely busy and tied down with so many things. I’m glad that today I have finally been able to continue working on the game after what appears to be months. Hopefully, I will be able to continue working uninterrupted on Introvert every week, and every day if possible.

What I will be doing for the next few days would be to re-adjust all the text size and positions in the game. As I have incorporated the camera zooming function (with Li Hao’s help!), each level has its own zoom level to make levels visually better. The zoom is manually set to a certain value, depending on the level. I try to make it as nice looking as possible. But with each level having its unique zoom level, it also means that having a constant text size means the text appears big on some levels and small on other levels since I don’t attach text as part of an interface.

Honestly, I hate having to manually play through my levels again and manually set the size and position, but it’s something that is on high priority on my to-do list now. Thankfully, I thought of a code that made life easier for me.

This simple line will readjust the font size of all the text that appears across ALL the levels. 16 is the default font size on 100% zoom. On 200% zoom, the font size will be 8. It is inversely proportional so the higher the zoom, the smaller the text should appear to the camera. This works perfectly!

But I still have to change the x,y positions of every level’s texts AGAIN! That’s something I can’t cheat haha. This may seem like a relatively simple task anybody can do, sorta like QA, but I don’t know anyone who would bother to help, so I guess I’m on my own!

Blur problem

As I began to go through my levels, I noticed that the implication of zoom led to my text being blurred. I did not like it at all.

I decided in the end to round off text sizes to the nearest power of 2 as it would a bit better with bitmap based text. So most text sizes are now 8, or 16 in the game.

In one such level below, you can see the blurry text (bottom) and the new readjustment(top).

Reflection (Additional info, not development related)
This is just some additional stuff I want to express.

Through this project, I learned quite a fair bit of things. My companion, Li Hao, said that even if I don’t manage to complete this game and have an output, I would already have learned a lot. Indeed, I began to realise the consequences of not planning my schedule properly. It led to much delay, which is why I have been trying to tell myself not to add too much content into this game, or it will indeed not be finish-able.

Today is the start of another phase of development. From now till next month, I will focus on fixing whatever flaws exist in the game before adding additional content, like new levels, new cutscenes and bonus content which I had always been excited about.

I kind of reflect about stuff like this everyday, even when I don’t work actively on the game. It is quite fun, though I still hate planning because it requires lots of self control and time management. If someone could teach me how to plan a good schedule for me, that would be great. But that’s something I have to learn as I go along.


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