22 March 2013 – Improvements

I managed to tweak certain levels and fix issues in the game (some design issues, but mostly adjusting texts). Also, minor adjustment: I made the text have an outline to make it readable in low-contrast situations where white text against a pale background made it difficult to read. After stroking/outlining text manually, I decided it looks much better and is worth applying across all text in the game.

Better looking text, when compared to without outlines:

I am currently working on making the Editor work as well. To be honest, the editor was very fun to work on when I started, but now, I’m doing the not-so-fun part of it. I have to make sure that the level created by the user is exported properly, so that it is playable, and then I have to make sure that when the player returns to the Editor, the exported level can continue to be edited. The biggest challenge is getting everything to work, and also being able to “save” the level, so it can be edited at a later date.


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