28 March 2013 – Editor FINISHED

Game Level Editor COMPLETE
Today, I completed the final feature of the editor – the ability to create brown doors, blue doors, and pink doors. This is much easier compared to keys and blocks which had my brain fried over the past few days. The only challenge with making doors work in the editor is to make sure that any single door created by the player in the Level Editor is “smart” enough to correctly link to another door that the player puts.

I am excited to see how players use the level editor. Nobody has tested it yet.

Schedule for the rest of the week

Character Design
Currently looking to improve the artwork of the other protagonist(?) character.

I looked up other images of cartoon female characters and noticed that the defining features to make a girl attractive and stand out would be the hair and eyes. So I will be looking to improve that aspect of the character.

Unfortunately, the other issue is how I made the characters extremely tiny, which was a design flaw right from the start that I failed to rectify.A game character of 20 x 10 pixels size hardly has space for me to improve and add details like hair, which is a sad thing too because not much can be seen.

I was told that the character graphics I had were so small that they are comparable to 8-bit games, and even 16-bit games now have larger sprite sizes than mine. It’s a waste I can’t really change it now. The width of my character is 10, and even Mario is 15!


Smallest game character… If I ever make any future games, this is the number one mistake I have learned not to repeat.


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