Something I had been looking forward to..

31 March 2013

Today wraps up the week of bug fixing and touching up of the game and levels. Fixed some last minute bugs with the editor too.

New Feature / Map
I drew some rock portals. From a comment, it seems that these rock portals I drew were far more impressive than the DOORS I drew for the later levels. If only I had chosen to draw something more relevant than door sprites.

But anyway, these are the rock portals:

 Stone portals original
Stone portals redrawn and tested with environment enabled

It was drawn once, and then redrawn because I had to make the style fit with the rest of the decorations, such as the signboards. That was in case you were wondering why I removed the original stone portals. The pixel-style portals aren’t as good looking to me, but the outline I gave it makes it stand out from the level more and gives the feeling that the portal is something that can be interacted with.

Something I had been looking forward to in a long time

I finally started adding more portals, which is the start of adding new levels to the game. I had been waiting to do this for WEEKS! It is the most exciting part, but it will require lots of time and effort as I set a very ambitious goal in the past, and I now have to try to complete this game.


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