Cutscene within a level?

5 April 2013

Time runs short on my schedule. Although I have already more levels in the game than I initially planned, and more quality than I ever had, it also meant that I had also spent more time developing the game.

I am now focusing a lot more on the quality of the level, rather than the quantity. I’ve been doing a lot of fancy stuff with the game (and in the process, encountering the strangest bugs ever).

It isn’t easy frankly. But well, I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. For the past few months, the game was stuck at under 40 levels, with missing levels in between.

It’s now Friday and at the end of the past 7 days, I’ve created 9 new levels and 1 bonus level so far. The game now runs up till level 47. 3 of the levels are fully complete, aka fully decorated, with texts and free of glitches. The other levels still have to go through touch ups.

My aim is to complete all the levels by 20 May. I challenged myself to fully complete at least one level a day, and any extra time has to go into developing the next level.

Anyway, today I created this mini-conversation that occurs on one of the levels. I felt so excited when I got the speech bubbles to work with each other, so it looks like a conversation.

The above screenshot was intentionally captured to show them not facing each other

Notice in the screenshot that the two turtles are not facing each other, because players can freely move their characters while the conversation is going on. (Although it is easy to stop the player from moving them, so I can just arrange them for this conversation, I want to give the player freedom of movement even while a conversation is going on, as well as ability to skip it).

So one small detail I added, was to make them automatically face each other. I don’t know how many people are paying attention to small details like this, but those who do make the tiny bit of extra work worth it!

AI Levels are fully working AI ! YES!
It took me up till the wee hours of the morning, but the levels with AI are fully working. So far, no glitches were found.

Introducing the Grim Reaper v0.10
(Hello and welcome to the Grim Reaper v0.10. He watches every death you make in the game.)
I was also trying to be (yet again, crazy), so I coded a sort of statistics table thing that shows how many times the player dies in each level.

This will be useful to generate precious data from any people who are free enough to test the game for me.

In the above screenshot, the red bars spike on levels which I died a lot on. Notably, level 16.

I think the “instructions” in the picture are pretty clear. I only played the game for a few seconds to test this statistic table. It’s fully working across deaths on all levels. I can’t wait to let someone try this. And I am most curious about which level is the hardest, and which levels they die a lot on! Nobody has seen this table yet (actually, nobody has seen much of this game).

If I have time, I will implement this. But seeing how I made this for testing purposes, it will probably not make it into the final game as a feature due to lack of time.


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