8 April

The following week will be an even busier week. Even though the story of the game is going to wrap up soon, revisiting previous levels, there are lots of improvements I could make to the game.

I sent my game to two of my close friends to play through the game, and it was a busy night taking note of their comments and experiences. My death statistics graph which I made a few days ago wasn’t fully utilized, but it will be a vital part of the testing phase.

My friend died the most in levels 13 and 14. Following this is a design improvement, not to the levels, but as a  feature that will be added to the game.

To combat the “RAGE QUIT” scenario, 4 suggestions were made. The first two are from Li Hao.

1. Game Difficulty Change – Prompts the player if he or she wants to play on a very easy mode
2. Skip Tokens – Awards the player with the ability to skip a level every few levels played.
3. Walkthrough – Some players might look for walkthroughs
4. Checkpoints – Not having to restart if you almost reached the end


represented by a flower that can blossom and glow

I drew a checkpoint. It’s a flower that will open up on contact. I think the animation for that was pretty cool. The flower is dark because it’s used for the forest levels.

Other improvements
Over the past days, I have added speech bubbles so that the turtle characters talk more. This makes the game much more lively. It was an unexpected addition, just like many other unexpected changes that serve to ultimately improve the game. With more speech bubbles in the game, I created 3 colour variations of the speech bubble that will be set depending on who spoke.

Level selection screen looks a bit better now.


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