Girl graphics enhanced (again)

Done on 7 April 2013

I’ve once again tried to better the graphics. It is really hard because a character size of 20 x 10 means I cannot add details that I want to add. It’s a torture trying to make a bunch of pixels look like hair. It took me a few hours to finally get it right.

20 x 10 pixels
Very first version:

Second version, looking much better with hair and removal of eyelids and red lips

Third trial version with hair improved:

Final results at the end of today (addition of red topwear and skirt):

32 x 16 pixels
Very first version added hair, but a comment told me she looked very old:

Second version (final version so far?): Changed hair, and widened the skirt.

Hopefully this will be the final time. Afterall, it’s hard to notice any changes made on 100% zoom.

Other graphic changes done in the past week (hopefully for the better):

 Trait icons (sort of like buffs):


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