5-11May Adding lightning, misc stuff

Progress so far
The game is complete save for a few many things that has to be done:
– Music*
– Sound*
– Grayscale Feature (working on it)
– Polishing and improving whatever graphics I have
– Improving the first few levels as they tend to be boring and pointless

*Waiting for a reply before it can begin

I added some lightning to amplify the drama of the last level.

The left most lightning was ironically, inspired by a photo of real lightning, but I think it looks the least interesting among the 3 lightning streaks, so I put it in the most elusive place I could find on the map.
The night of 7 May is going to be unforgettable. I talked to David Carney. I hope he will have the time to work with me on the project. But I also realise that I have much polishing left to do. There was so much tension in the air for me, and when the tension dissipates, stress remains.
Redrawing / Retracing the turtles
Planning to redraw the turtles in better graphics.
Contacting David Carney
I contacted David Carney in hopes of working with him.

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