15 May 2013

This is a bit more personal than the other entries here about the game.

You see, my time is limited. I will be enlisted in National Service on 12 June, and it’s 15 May now. I had been training up for NAPFA for the past few weeks in hope that I would get a two-month reduction to serve National Service.

Unfortunately, I did not make my NAPFA booking in time, and I was not able to take the test. I had my schedule planned out across the following two months because I was very sure I could get the extra two months.

This was a mistake I made that I overlooked the NAPFA booking. It has quite a consequence, because now I have less than 30 days to finish and make any changes I want to make to the game.

But, Li Hao told me a few things that made me realise a bit more about how Introvert has progressed. Introvert got this far, and it’s much further than what I could have dreamed of months ago. I learned so much.  And just last week, I met David Carney and worked with him, and he’s been a great help !!!

Indeed, I have gained alot, and though I would gain much more if I had those two extra months to work on Introvert, I shouldn’t be too disappointed that I lost it, since I have already gained so much.

But it was my mistake still.

I made many mistakes when I had been working on Introvert. Fate hasn’t really been good to me, but if I were to look back, and learn from those mistakes, and be grateful that I met David Carney and look at what the game has accomplished, I will be truly happy.

I will only be able to check on the game on weekends after a three week confinement. And with one month left, I guess I have to take things a lot more seriously.

“will be looking forward to see u on weekends”, Li Hao told me.


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