7-9 May – Meeting The David Carney

Meeting The David Carney (Written in the week of 7 May)

This has got to be one of the most exciting week for me!

I had been trying to contact David Carney in hopes that I can work with him, and also because he makes really good music, and the game’s sounds is lacking in quality as well. On 7 May, I finally got the chance to talk with him.

Day 01
He seemed reluctant to work with me at first, but I managed to convince him! I was soo happy when he asked me to send a copy of the game for him to look at. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was so warm and sweating, and full of nervousness and tension when I was talking to him. But don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice person. I just get all nervous talking to him for the first time.

Day 02
On 8 May, we discussed about the game as well as about business and it was a real joy to talk to him, though I was still trying to suppress my excitement / tension whenever I wait for his replies. I couldn’t sleep after that because I was just so caught up thinking about our conversation that I was too excited to sleep. He said that he would come up with a list of the music/sounds in the game. And another list concerning the design issues. I was looking forward to the lists.

Day 03
He talked to me about some of the things he liked about the game as well as well as a bit of the things he felt needed to change.

Day of 15 May
He gave me the list of the design issues with the game. The sound fx and music list was written last week. It was time to start fixing!

It has been pretty awesome so far.


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