12-18 May New turtle sprites, Camera panning, Etc

Progress so far…
The game was in a way, completed. Everything done now is to make the game better and polish it 🙂
I have one month left to do this!

New Turtle Sprites
You know, one thing I learned recently with the help of Li Hao is that…drawing is easy.
But drawing for a game is not.

When I was drawing random turtles and comics, it was pretty easy. I didn’t have to think to draw. But when it comes to drawing for games, there is a lot thinking required, and I was not a very good thinker / analyzer.

Things like style differences, sprite outlines, whether something looks too 3D-ish, whether something should be spinning or not, they became things I had to really look into because of this project. And I had overlooked many things. Of course, that meant I learned a lot too.

Camera Panning
It was disorienting to have the camera immediately switch to the player’s location after moving through a door or switching players. The camera now follows the player loosely, and pans from one player to another when switching among the two controllable players.

This is my favourite change to the game this week. I couldn’t stop moving my character through doors just to play with the camera panning to and fro.

Less punishment
Spikes collision box reduced.

Zoom changes
All levels had their zoom rounded to absolute values (1.0, 2.0, 3.0x zoom).

Text Design
Text enters a level with fade and move into the level from a certain direction. I created a function so I can easily adjust the fade intensity, direction, the distance which the text moves before locking into its final place, the starting alpha value of the text when it appears.

Reflection + Idea of a second game
I had the idea of new game. I wouldn’t call it Introvert 2, because it isn’t a sequel. It will be a much smaller and simpler game that is only slightly related to the story of Introvert. I simply do not want to attempt making a game of the scale of Introvert. That is just too tough for me to do alone. Honestly, Introvert was better meant to be done in a team, and I’m glad that I had the help of Li Hao, and though it is pretty late, David is also helping me correct design issues for the past days.

If I have the time, I will probably make another game after this, even though I repeatedly told myself that Introvert will be the first and last game I will make.


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