New animations and touching up the scenes

18 November 2013 – New animations and touching up the scenes

Been busy today! But I managed to do some small stuff that made my weekend somewhat productive! I’m happy with the changes so far!

– Level 62: Drew a new animation for a turtle entering a door. This animation is actually pretty cool because it involves some depth and a bit of illusion, rather than flat 2D animations I typically do.
– The new bench level is cooler. Planning to add some special effects to the level.
– Level 301 (Memory scene 1): Now has a “message scene” before the level. By the way, the game does not have 301 levels. Level 301 and 302 are special exceptions as they are special levels that don’t flow with the norm.
– For several levels like Level 301, I added new “messages” and “speech bubbles” to add on to the game’s storyline. I think the newer text is much cooler 🙂

New player animation, yay!
enterPortalFrames animation was drawn today, and after so many months, the turtles now play an animation for entering a portal before cutting off directly to the next level!

I will have to work on fixing some issues with the game soon, so I can’t keep adding stuff and implementing all the cool stuff I want 😦

At this moment, I don’t know if the game can be done by December…

Also, Christmas is coming soon. I usually draw a Christmas turtle scenery each year. Earlier this year, I planned to make a mini-game, borrowing some art assets from Introvert, sorta like a Christmas special, just for fun. But well, I might not have the time to do so.


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