Speech bubbles appear when you leave the game

Sunday, 8 December 2013

I hardly work on the game on certain days, but since I am here writing about Introvert, the game isn’t dead yet!

Today, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been working on some small stuff. But I will just talk about one of the things I did today, which was to make the turtle talk when you do not move for a certain duration. So if you pretend to “afk” in the game, but do not move the turtle for about 15 seconds, he starts to talk. I made this to touch up on the turtle’s character.

In the first two levels when he is just an infant turtle (still in the egg), he is curious and often asks questions. In the next four levels, he asks about how big he can grow and about the people around him.

In the Forest levels, he speaks about wanting to get out of the place quickly.

In the Countryside levels, he enjoys the place and wants to stay in that place a bit longer.

The other thing I did was to make the required stationary duration different depending on what level it is.
In the early levels, the player talks when you do not move him for more than 10-15 seconds.

In the forest levels, he becomes less “talkative”, so he does not talk until you did not move him for 30 seconds.

In the later levels when you meet the girl, he talks much more. You may notice that he starts talking when you do not move him for 10 seconds.

Each time he talks, the player chooses a text at random. During each level, the same text will not appear more than once.

Improvements to make:
– Possibly add animations when he says one of these random text. Maybe he can sit on the grass and close his eyes to relax…

Summary of tasks accomplished:

New things:
– New player animation (enter door)
– Bench level scene extended
– Enter Portal animation
– Message State to Level 301
More recently:
– Idle talk
– Level Select Finalized
– New BG when u sit down in LS
– Several levels have zoom in
– Several levels start at 2x Zoom
– Flashing of restart btn

– Gallery x 2 new items

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