JigMemory & The4items

2 March 2014

Been spending my time drawing for the past couple of days. I have completed the IntoDarkness comic, but I’ve not added any of the new comics in. I think I will wait until I’ve done all the drawing before implementing them.

I realise that at the rate at which I’m drawing stuff, the game might hit 20MB. Oh man… I was hoping to keep it under 10MB but I now realise it’s pretty much impossible.

I’ve begun working on two new comics/stories that will branch out from the final endings. Both comics were drawn on my phone initially, which seems to be the case for most of my comics, since I tend to randomly get inspiration while on-the-go.


This comic will only be shown when you collect all 4 specific items which are hidden as easter eggs throughout the game. That makes this comic a super secret secret comic, since requiring 4 secret items is gonna be pretty much put the player in one of those end-game situations by then.

Also, I drew a sleek version of the in-game key.



I drew this when I was trapped on an island 6 months ago. The only leisure items I had  with me were a notebook and a pen.

This is a really long comic that spans several pages and multiple endings, though not as long as the main story. The time-consuming part is the “multiple endings” component. I’m thinking of adding it to the game too, but having another long comic is going to increase the game size by 1~2MB, and the main story comic took me two months to draw. Well… I guess I’ll see how things go.

On the other hand, I realised that being an artist is expensive. After more than a week plus of research and doing product comparisons, I just bought a professional drawing tablet in hopes that it will boost my productivity ^^. I think the tablet is a tad too professional (and thus, expensive) for my ability, but Li Hao recommended me to get it. This is the second-most expensive thing I’ve bought throughout the span of this project. But Li Hao says this is not only for Introvert, but also useful as a hobby (or career if I choose to go down such a path).

I suppose that he is correct, and the investment should be worth it. I can’t wait to use it!!!


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